Sunday, October 9, 2011

Our Apologies

We are a bit late with the video posting schedule this month. This is due to a emergency medical situation that has come up with a member of the Studfist family. The video will be posted in the near future and we hope you enjoy it 

thx for your patients


Saturday, September 3, 2011

Whats with the blog?

As some of you have noticed, the blog has seemed like a bouncing ball as of late. Also you may be wondering what happened to the older blogs from yesteryear.... Well this should clear that up. 

A few months back, I went to open the blog post a new one, and realized it was not there anymore. I then was contacted by blogspot to let me know the blog was removed.... for reasons unknown. So I then set up a new blog with a blog site called tumblr. That totally sucked....I hated the way the blog looked and the limited functionality of it, so I re created a blog at the old blogspot (what you see now). This is by far the best blog site I have ever used and very happy to be back here. 

After setting up the blog on the new(old) site. I got some info from blogspot about the old blog. It seems it was removed because it was flagged as a "spam blog". Of course after being in contact with them they realized their spam robot filters had made a mistake. I am waiting for them to conduct their review to make sure its not spam as I type (who knows how long that will take). So if they decide everything is cool, they will put the old blob back up with all the history and that where we shall be, if not then we will stay where we are 

Thank you all, and enjoy


Monday, August 29, 2011

Double Dip

This video features Trent Bloom, aka Tylerlicious. This stud came out to SF for a visit after years of chatting on various sites and let me tell ya it was worth the wait. From the time he got in the car, we totally hit it off and the sexual tension was very obvious. I could not wait to get my big fist(s) in his big hole, and I could tell he was ready for them both….

We decided to film a session at the famous or rather infamous SteamWorks in Berkeley, Ca. The owners were happy to let us film a session there and gave us a room to play in. From the 1st second I slid my fist in this boys velvety wide hole, it was clear what type of session this would be. His hole sucked my fist in right way, and squeezed down on my wrist, to let me know it was enjoying it all. I could see his handsome face in the mirror and the enjoyment on his face….then he mouthed the word “MORE”. 

This boy took my fists in deep to beyond mid forearm, then gulped both my fists and some double punching. This hole just got wider and wider taking double fists, deep fists and every bit of intensity I gave it. 

I enjoyed our hot session(s) and getting to know this stud. Look out for more of this sexy hungry boy in the future.

enjoy Double Dip



Playboys feature Joey Jordan and Dyn0. Joey was out in SF for some time, and contacted us. It was a perfect chance to get a hot session with him on vid again. Joey is a big muscled stud, with BIG paws and big arms, and he loves big holes. Dyn0 was more than happy to offer his up for a hot session. Joey and Dyn0 have played many times and are very connected, which makes for a very hot time.  
It was very hot watching Dyn0 squirm and Joey slid his big hand up his hole, then some hot punching, then some depth…watching that huge forearm pushing in was a thing of beauty. These 2 have been featured on before, but this time is the hottest yet.
enjoy Playboys


Dr. FeelGood MD.

Since arriving in Berlin this spring my allergies have been absolutely crazy. I suffer from allergies to pollen, hay-fever, and other airborne allergens, which year after year make spring time a total nightmare for me. Most years I stock up on meds and soldier thru the constant runny nose, watery eyes and sneezing a zillion times. This year however was especially hard. For those of you I saw at Easter can attest to the big red watery eyes, and runny nose…yes I was a mess, and it just got worse… Most years its a short period and when the pollen is settled its all over. This year however in Berlin, it seems spring (the Berlin bloom) is still underway. So here I am trying every allergy meds i can possibly try over the counter and nothing seemingly to give me relief, so on a referral from a friend I went to see a local Dr here in the Schöneberg.
I went to the offices set up an appointment right away and was seen really fast. The Dr asked me a ton of questions about my health, family health, etc etc. and also about when was my last check up and such. He put me on a table and checked my blood pressure, and heart/lungs etc. Then he asked me to prop my pants, and without even thinking, I did, and he checked my balls. HEY WAIT A MINUTE!! I’m here for extreme allergies yet here i ma with my balls in my docs hands??? Standing there, i couldn’t help but think, this guy is the German version of my Dr in SF, whom I’ve had for as long as I’ve lived in SF. I said to him once “no matter what I come in for, I always end up with my balls in your hand” We both laughed it off…. I suppose hes being thorough, and making sure he catches even the slightest hernia right away :) 
I was about to say the same joke to this Dr, but wasn’t sure if he would get my humor, So I just chucked to my self, which may have made him think he was tickling me…. then he asked me when was my last prostate check HAHAHAHA! I said its all good back there, and quickly pulled up my pants, and said “so what are we gonna do about these allergies Doc?” 
He wrote me a prescription, gave me the usage directions, and best location to get it, and it was done. The meds have been working like a charm so far.


Quick tips for watching videos

I’ve heard form a few people that the videos stream slow on the site or that they stop  and “buffer”. The videos are very large and do take some time to fully load up. There are a few things you can do to watch the vids straight through. 1st off you need a fast connection (faster the better). Then when you click play on the vid, immediately click pause, a light gray bar will start making its way across the video timeline. Once its loaded you can play and it should play continuous. For Downloading this is all about your speed.